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The Mandometer® Clinics offer treatment for eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia by using the Mandometer® Method, an evidence-based treatment that teaches you how to eat and recognize normal hunger and satiety sensations. 
The Mandometer® Method is equally efficient for all types of eating disorders.

We have treated 1000 patients to complete remission, and just as importantly, 90% of these remain free of symptoms over the next five years. 


The secret behind our success in treating these difficult diseases is that the Mandometer® Method has shown that when the feelings of hunger and satiety have been normalized, anxiety and depression disappear. The treatment is carried out without psychoactive drugs, focussing instead on behavioural training, reconstruction of your social life and training in self confidence.





TEM, our partner manufacturer of Mandometer generation 5, visited us for a productive workshop.


We have released a new website for our New York Clinic focusing on weight loss treatment.
Soon, all our sites will benefit from an updated design.


Eva Krutmeijer, Board Member, following company holiday party:

"A place where one is noticed and appreciated by management and colleagues. A place where one goes the extra mile. The team spirit and enthusiasm on display yesterday makes it clear for me why this company is showing such strong results."

Happy Holidays from us at Mando!


Mandometer at MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine.
You will find us at Business Sweden, Hall 01/D18. Welcome!

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Mando is proud to be a part of the EU-project SPLENDID together with expert scientists and engineers from five European countries.
We are developing a personalised guidance system that can monitor and guide young individuals to improve their eating and activity behaviour.
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The Mandometer device was featured in CBS New York.
"‘Eating Smart’ With High-Tech Utensils"


Great success when Cecilia Bergh presented Mandometer generation 5 at Digital Health Days 2014 in Stockholm.
Interview with Cecilia Bergh


Many young women diet to avoid getting overweight, some lose control and develop anorexia. But hundreds of women have recovered by learning to eat normally, thereby resolving all of their problems. The new paper explains how eating behavior acts on the brain to restore the health of underweight women.
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NYC staff participated in Mando Academy sessions chaired by Cecilia Bergh.


AB Mando is awarded a contract with the Västra Götaland’s region in Sweden to treat patients with eating disorders.


The newspaper Huddinge Nyheter covers Stefan Löfven's visit to the Mandometer Clinic at Novum in Stockholm.
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"Could these 'smart scales' cure anorexia? 75% of patients who used device were free of symptoms a year later."
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Rethinking eating disorder treatment.
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Stefan Löfven, leader of the Social Democratic Party in Sweden visited our Clinic in Stockholm on March 19.
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Deborah Cardile and Diane Insola from our New York Clinic presented Mandolean at Diabetes EXPO in NYC.


Our research results continue to attract media attention in Australia.
See for example this recent article in the Telegraph
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For years Hayley struggled with an eating disorder.
Watch SBS's report to find out more


Eating disorder research.
Listen to Cecilia Bergh, Per Södersten and Maxine - a Mandometer patient interviewed by ABC News Australia.

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